We design tailored workflow tools that perfectly meet the collaborative needs of your teams.

The applications are numerous: process of validation of visuals and videos for the print or the digitial, collaborative textual work …

Collaborate effectively with the right workflow tools!

Our workflow tools are tailor-made, they perfectly match your organization and your processes. We define the roles and rights of each to establish rules of simultaneous or sequential operation.

Here are some practical examples of workflow that we have been able to achieve: creation and validation of visuals, management of digital campaigns (banner ads), collaboration on textual fields (marketing, legal, legal).

Main features of workflows

Validation process

Rules for validation / invalidation of collaborative actions, management of status changes.


Action notification center, email alert management, batch processing rules.

Kanban boards

Progress of the steps in the form of Kanban board, functions of drag and drop between the columns.

EXE management

Workflow adapted to the validation of the files of execution for the printing (PDF high definition).


History of the actions of each user, versioning files and fields processed by the workflow.

Roles and rules

Roles and rights defined by users or groups, action rules configured in the workflow.

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