If you need a powerful tool to manage the impantation of your products in your shelves and furniture at point of sale, our planograms application is for you!

Management of merch plans by season, by zone, by configuration, by type of furniture.

A tool for managing your planograms, turnkey!

The planogram tool is a design interface, customized to your furniture and products. It takes into account your different configurations and the specificity of your modules.

Its ergonomics and its performances make it possible to manage thousands of products with installations of furniture on more than 20 linear meters!

The main features of the planogram

Product modules

Management of modules with placement slots for testers and products.

Grouped treatments

Management of planograms by categories or axes, creation of prisms (group of modules or products).

Visuals and labels

Management of defined areas to accommodate printed elements: peel off, visuals, labels, com …


PDF export of planograms with realistic (visual) view and technical view (details of SKU modules, visuals, products).

Listing of planograms

Ability to filter planograms by season, furniture, configuration, area.

Advanced features

Copy / Paste, Undo / Redo, Move, Delete, Duplicate, Import, Compare Planograms.

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